Pureeing Baby Food Using Baby Blender at Home

Giving your baby the right nutrients is important but it might be a difficult task to start weaning your baby. However, when starting weaning, your blender could be a great help in terms of preparing baby food and pureeing it at home. You can prepare fresh fruits and vegetables purees and other baby foods through the blender and it’s simple yet cost effective. A good baby food is that what you make yourself and you know it’s ingredients as well. You are developing your baby’s health and will be saving money if you make baby food at home. Don’t worry about time; it’s easy to make and less time consuming. All you need to do is to put fresh food inside the blender to puree it for your baby to easily eat and digest.

You can even make pureed baby food for serving your baby later onwards. Just puree baby foods and freeze them for later use. You can use strawberry for making the puree; take a cup of frozen or fresh strawberry, blend it as per your desired consistency and put these purees into ice trays and use it later on for the baby. I found best baby food blender reviews 2019 (Updated) helpful for purchasing baby blender. If you need liquid ones then use water or formula or breast milk for pureeing them. You have to see your baby’s diet and taste and make the purees accordingly.

You can cook spaghetti as you normally do and then put some in the blender for your baby and puree it. Your baby may like it a lot and you can even add vegetable or carrots for puree.

Babies usually love sweet potatoes so making anything with them would be easy to feed. Bake sweet potatoes until they are tender. Once baked well then peel off the skin and take into the blender and blend this ingredient until you get a smooth consistency. You can serve it or add milk for making more liquid one. Babies also like ham and pineapple so you can cook the ham thoroughly then add it up into the blender and fresh pineapple chunks as well. You have wonderful meal ready for your baby!

You can make purees with chicken with lemon appetite; cook chicken breast as you do normally then cut the chicken into pieces and blend it in the blender or food processor . You can add one or two lemon into the chicken puree and water. Blend it until you get the desired consistency of food for your baby.

Once your baby gets older and is at a later weaning stage, you can make purees a little thicker so they adapt to the textures of foods. A baby food blender is also capable of blending foods according to the weaning stages of the baby. Your babies are sensitive so always wash your hands before making any food for the baby.