How to achieve Slim Waist Goals with Waist Training Corsets

In this age of social media, people have gained far more insight into the lives of celebrities and all that they believe to be their “holy grail”. Beauty ideals have changed over time and we have seen a drastic curve on the fashion spectrum. However, one thing has remained constant: the need to enhance one’s natural physique and/or appearance.

Women of all ethnicities aspire to be like the models they see on TV, donning Disney-like figures and radiating the infectious Barbie doll charm. Pin-up girls and burlesques of bygone eras have deepened our obsession with having the same hourglass figures. Thanks to the internet and daily videos on Snapchat and Instagram, we have become much familiarized with celebrities’ daily routines on waist slimming.

Corsets have been all the rage for thousands of years and influential women have donned it throughout their careers, increasing the sales of corsets in the market and still continuing to do so, half a century later! What is it about these corsets that are driving girls insane? Well, that is no secret: corsets are a lazy girl’s guide to looking slimmer and toned in no time!

As opposed to earlier times, when women only had the unbreathable steel boned corsets to enhance their figures, today they are accessible in a variety of different materials, in terms of fabrics and construction methods. So let’s look at 3 most trending leather corsets with all their pros and cons to better educate oneself before investing in the right one!

How to Fasten Corsets

Corsets are designed to shape your body and pretty much do the same job as braces for teeth – except corsets can be taken off after a few hours! Corsets can be tightened around the laces present at the back, depending on your body weight around the midsection.
Corsets tend to tighten around the muffin tops and accentuate the shape of your derriere and bust line and come fitted with a front busk. What is a front busk, you ask? It is a piece of hardware that consists of two steel stays one with metal “pins” and the other with metal “loops”.

Different Styles of Corsets

Sartorial advancements have led to the creation of a variety of corsets and therefore, more choice for women of all ages. Some common styles of corsets include both historic and modern – a choice you can make depending on your body type and aesthetics.

An important ingredient to corset styling is to know and understand about ‘silhouette shape’ created primarily through the rib cage. When women go for waist corset shopping, they often find themselves confused between different silhouettes; therefore it is very important to know this beforehand so you can then pick out the specific corsetieres who cater to that style.

Corsets come in either form: “over bust” or an “under bust”. If you wish to wear one over your clothes, it’s called the former and if you decide to wear it underneath your clothes, it becomes the latter; so it all depends on the style you wish to channelize. Corsets are featured in a various styles: less and more extreme curves for all body types – all depending on which style you most prefer!